Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day - Part 3 of 3

Tonight we had a Mother's Day celebration for the Hansen women (and I guess the Gramse and Memmott women are included too).  We had hamburgers, hot dogs and ice cream.  We talked to Lyndsee in Bolivia, who, by the way, has to dodge three dogs to get to her outside bathroom everytime nature calls.  

And we topped the night off by standing the same way.  I guess we must be related.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day - Part 2 of 3

Today, Cory and the kids had a Mother's Day party for me.  We ate pasta, went on a walk and opened presents.  The kids made me homemade flower bouquets, cards and answered questions about me, which is my favorite thing.  Cory got me a new iPod Shuffle that is about the size of a paper clip - it is really awesome.  The highlight of the day is when the kids sang Mother's Day songs in church - first all together with the Primary, and then Ella sang with Mimi, Greg, Lexee and Carman.  They were amazing.  It was a day with ups and downs but it is all part of being a mom.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother's Day - Part 1 of 3

With three mothers in our lives, we are lucky enough to celebrate Mother's Day over three days.

Today . . . breakfast with Grandma Doris

We had a nice quiet breakfast of Quiche, orange rolls and fruit.  We opened presents and watched all of our 2009 pictures on Apple TV (which is the greatest invention, by the way).  It was a wonderful and relaxing morning and we loved to share it with Big D.

Friday, May 8, 2009

A Trip Down Memory Lane

In honor of Mother's Day, I decided to look back on some of the events that tested my sanity as well as the reasons I love being a mother.

#1 . . . Zach

The Worst: The Skull Fracture and facing the worst fears of possibly losing a child.

The Best: His adventurous spirit

#2  . . . Ella

The Worst: The months when Ella ate everything . . . paint, make-up, bugs . . .

The Best: This face

#3 . . . Grant

The Worst:  The day I spent six hours cooking, decorating and tying raffia to gingerbread and so Grant could eat every last one off the tree in ten minutes. 

The Best: His sweet nature

I love you, my babies!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Word of the Day - "Succatand"

Today, Zach displayed his increasing knowledge of vocabulary by repeatedly using the word "succatand."  Cory asked him if he meant "succotash?"  No - he meant "succatand".  Finally, we asked him to use it in a sentence.  He said . . . 

"People die from "succatand" smoke every year."

Translation:  succatand = second hand