Thursday, August 6, 2009

I heart San Francisco

Last year, Wicked came to Utah. In the midst of the chaos that sometimes surrounds our home, Cory and I missed our chance at tickets. So, using this as our excuse, the two of us took off for San Francisco. It was a much needed trip after a hard handful of months. Cory was finally feeling well and we set off to celebrate. Our theatre excursions included Wicked and the unplanned Spamalot (we had to see John O'hurley aka J. Peterman play King Arthur).

We took a day trip to Alcatraz which was amazing.

We stopped at Lombard street.

I discovered that San Francisco in the summer is FREEZING! I wore three layers every day. I admit, I was warned, but I did not believe.

We rode the cable cars everywhere. By the end of the trip Cory become a master at hanging off the outside of the car.

We ate really good food, went to museums, shopped, and spent uninterrupted time together. Now, which production do I need to convince him I need to see next?


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