Friday, November 6, 2009

Unwanted Dive-onics

I took Ella to the doctor today for an ongoing (and by ongoing, I mean it feels like a lifetime) cough. This is a recap of Ella's visit:

Dr. Duffy: Hello Ella
Ella: I don't want dive-onics!
Dr. Duffy (looking confused): What are dive-onics?
Ella: Stuff I don't want!
Dr. Duffy: Ok, no dive-onics.

Dr. Duffy checks her out, finds an ear infection and begins writing a prescription.

Dr. Duffy (joking): Ella, I think a course of dive-onics will clear up this ear infection.
Ella: No! I don't want dive-onics!
Dr. Duffy: How about amoxocillan then?

Dr. Duffy fills out the prescription, opens the door, and yells out to his nurse: Will you bring me the dive-onics?
Ella: You promised no dive-onics.

Dr. Duffy and I laugh a little at the thought of the nurses googling dive-onics in an effort not to expose their ignorance. Ella leaves with her prescription for pink medicine.

As I tucked her in bed tonight, I asked her what dive-onics are. She said:
I don't know but the word sounds bad and I know I don't want them.


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