Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Naughty or Nice List

Things Santa heard in the Memmott house this week:

"When Santa asked me what I wanted and I said I would like to be surprised, do you think he knew I meant a Nintendo DSI?"

(Squeezing Mom's arm): "Mom, do you think you are fat. Because I think you might be fat."

"Grandpa, what is this I am eating?" "A sausage." "No. I mean what animal is it?" "A pig." "Oh good. I am eating my favorite animal."

"Are there going to be some presents that when I unwrap them I am going to say 'boring, only clothes?'"

"Has Santa packed his sleigh because I might change my mind about all my presents."

Yes - ALL these quotes came from one child. Can you guess which two children are nice and which one is Ella?


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