Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Notable Quotes from today

(Ella crying)
Cory: Why is Ella crying?
Alison: Because she has the worst mom in the world
Grant: Ya, we all do.


Alison: Grant, did you ask your teacher if you have to do the science fair project?
Grant: No
Alison: I told you to ask her today.
Grant: I did.
Alison: You asked her?
Grant: No
Alison: No you didn't ask her or no you don't have to do it?
Grant: No, I'm not doing it. It is in January.
Alison: What is in January?
Grant: The Science Fair.
Alison: Why is it in January? Are you supposed to do a project?
Grant: No. It is in January.
Alison: I understand it is in January. Do you have to do a project in January?
Grant: I don't know


Ella (while kids are taking pictures of her at the field trip): Wow. This must be what it feels like to have paparazzi fans.


Zach: Today at school I switched three of my periods so now I have Utah Studies, then Language Arts and Choir last.
Alison: Why did you switch?
Zach: I don't know.
30 seconds later . . .the reason for the big switch is revealed.
Zach: Mom, a cute girl I know is in all three of my new classes.


Alison: Hey C, help me think of a good name for my twitter account.
Cory: Silver Fox. Northridge Hottie. Easy-A-PTA
Alison: Forget it.


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