Monday, October 12, 2009

Loose Tooth Drama

This tooth has been loose for two months. Everytime we try to extract it, Ella has a breakdown: It's gonna hurt . . . I might swallow it. . . It will bleed for a long time. I have been begging my dad (who is an expert tooth puller) to yank the dumb thing for weeks. But whenever he tries, she cries and begs to be left alone - and Grandpa gives in naturally. Today I was brushing the tooth and noticed it was barely hanging on. So tonight after dinner I called my dad and told him mercy was not an option - the tooth HAD to come out.

When he got here, she lost it. She hyperventilated. She begged for a little rest between sobs. She pleaded. I rolled my eyes as everyone around her tried to console her. Finally I held her down and ordered my dad to pull the tooth out. She SCREAMED . . . and then, mid-scream, said, "Oh. It's out." That easy.


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