Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Famous Last Words

I've noticed that as kids get older, they are pretty certain their parents are not all that smart. Zach had a couple quotes this past week that illustrated this fact.

The day before the 5th grade maturation program, Cory asked Zach if he understood what they were going to be discussing. Zach said he knew that they were going to talk about where babies come from. Cory asked him if he knew. He answered no, so Cory asked him if he wanted to Cory to tell him. Zach said, "Do you know because your brother is a doctor?" Cory said no, he just knew and would Zach like him to explain it. Zach said, "No. I'll let the professionals handle it."

On Easter, Zach told Aunt Cyd that he has learned how to find his parents in a store if he gets separated. He told Cyd, "I just go to where all of the on sale crap is and I can find my mom." Cyd (who was not helping) said, "Well at least you find her at the sale rack and not with the regular price stuff." Zach replied, "That's where I find my dad."

And finally, on April Fool's Day, my mom tried to play a trick on us that backfired and earned her the best nickname ever. The kids all received a text from her phone saying "I finally learned how to text. No more techtard. Love mom." We were all very proud (and happy that we can finally get a hold of her) when hours later we received another text that said, "April Fools! From the Techtard." A little while later Zach, sitting at the counter eating, started to laugh. Then he says, "Mimi is funny. She said 'April Fools from the Turd-Texter.'"

Even Grandmas are not off limits from 11 year old jokes.


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