Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Yesterday I shuffled the kids off to school and decided I needed to start cooking/baking again. I always "joke" that we eat out six times a week. This is only a joke because we don't eat out six "times," we eat out six "days." Often Lunch and Dinner. Since we remodeled the kitchen, I can't seem to master my oven. Its a nice professional oven. Apparently you actually have to be a professional cook to use it. With the kids out of the house I decided to make Lion House rolls and homemade Oreos. I started the roll dough only to discover I have no salt. Really? Who runs out of salt. Since my parents are a few doors down, I have an emergency stash to access. I got in my golf cart, pulled out of the garage, and bent down to put the golf cart in forward gear when I noticed something in front of me. I looked up and less than five feet in front of me, I see a huge buck . . . just standing there staring at me.

I didn't know what to do. I couldn't reverse . . . fence
I couldn't go to the side . . . retaining wall
Pulling back into the garage is a slow process
Couldn't go forward . . . buck

So we both sat. For several second although it seemed like a lifetime. Then suddenly, my golf cart started to buzz. It has a buzzer that lets you know when you are in reverse.
It never works . . . until now.
The golf cart starts to buzz, I jump from the noise, the deer takes off.
I snuck in and grabbed my camera and tracked him down across the street eating the neighbors apples from their tree.


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