Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Signs Grant Might Be Bad

grant talking to zach and ella
(background: cory is zach's favorite, i am grant's favorite, ella is an equal opportunity child which is fine because everything is equal)
grant: ella - is mom your favorite?
ella: no. i don't have a favorite.
grant: but mom should be your favorite - you are both girls
ella: ya but i like dad the same as mom
grant: great. i like dad best now, zach likes dad best. no one is left to like mom best.

(should i give him points for at least trying to find a replacement?)

walking through the mall with the family - i try to hold grant's hand . . .
grant: mom, why do you always try to hold my hand?
mom: sorry - do you not want to hold my hand?
grant: no. i'm kinda old and it is kinda embarrassing.
mom: ok, that is fine.
grant walks five steps forward and grabs dad's hand.


* but my favorite quote of the week *
i set out a cardigan sweater for grant to wear to school. he comes up to breakfast and exclaims (eyes red from stress):
why am i wearing my sunday best?!?

i've never used the term sunday best and i haven't got a clue where he got it but i thought it was awesome - even if the sweater did end up back in the closet.


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