Friday, July 26, 2013

Youth Conference

Ella is the biggest (and possibly only) reader of this blog and is a little disappointed that it has been abandoned.  She has also been gently reminding me lately that most of our family now lives out of state (jerks!) and they may not know what is going on.  So, after much prodding, I am finally sitting down to do a blog post.  Let's hope I am a little better about documenting all that goes on here.

This summer has been crazy.  It almost feels like we have been gone just as much as we have been home - youth conference, scout camp, Arizona, cabin, upcoming girls camp and a trip to Colorado.  So I thought I would start at the beginning and work my way through it all.

In June, Zach, Grant and I went with the ward up to USU for girls camp.  The weekend started off great with lunch a Maddox.  Our first stop once we got to USU was the ropes course.  It was brutally hot.  And windy.  With lots of hot wind blowing hot sand into your hot, sweaty face.  But the games and zipline were fun.  Climbing that scary, steep rock wall to get to the zipline - not so fun.  It looks a little scary but I can honestly say it was terrifying.  But all three of us did it. 

That night, we had dinner and then Megan McKenna and I took Z, G, Dustin, Boston, and Mikey swimming and to get ice cream.  The next day, we went on a hike.  Most of the kids did not make it and turned around a mile in.  But Grant and Zach were troopers and I was proud of them.  They would have made it all the way if we had had water (which the leaders left in the car) and no blisters (Zach's heel was covered in them).  So we turned around about 3 miles in. 

That night there was a dinner and dance.  Zach is a pro at dances since his school forces him to dance every Monday afternoon.  But this was Grant's first and I'm sure we would have rather been anywhere else.  Thank goodness the cutest girl in the ward (thanks Maddie!) talked him into a dance and it broke the ice.  I think all in all, they had a good time.

I loved spending the weekend with my boys.  I'm glad they had such a good time and I'm grateful for these other boys they roomed with.  They are great kids. 

So what did Cory and Ella do?  They spent a daddy/daughter weekend filling their tummies.  There was Pizzaria Limone, USwirl and mini-golf at Boondocks. 


  1. 2014 is calling and asking why has you blogged ignored me? Time to start blogging again Sis.