Wednesday, February 25, 2009


8:02 am
Call from the school:
Zach:  Mom, my planner and my homework folder are not in my backpack.
Me:  Zach, I watched you put them in there this morning before you left.
Zach:  They are not there.  Could you look outside to see if they fell out.
Me:  I watched you walk to the bus stop.  I promise they did not fall out.  Did you take them out on the bus?
Zach:  No.  I have looked everywhere.  They have to be outside . . . Oh, wait.  Ya, I am stupid.  Here they are.
Me:  Where were they?
Zach:  In my backpack.  I'm really stupid.  See ya, mom.

12:47 pm
Ella:  Mom, why do you do stuff you do?
Me:  What do you mean.  What stuff do I do?
Ella:  Stuff that wastes time.

5:14 pm
Grant:  (after staring at me for a moment)  Wow, mom.  You are really getting old.

But I did find these little dinosaur replicas made from pipecleaners all over the house as a "mom present" for me.  That makes it all better.


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