Friday, February 20, 2009

Here is the plan:  
We find the biggest hill possible, drive the kids up on the snowmobiles, let them sled down, do it again.  Fun day at the cabin.

Here is what really happened:
I get stuck at the bottom of the hill.  Cory gets stuck at the top of the hill.  I hike up the hill to help dig him out.

Zach loses his sled at the top of the hill and has to hike down and retrieve it.  

Grant cruises down the hill sideways.

Ella crashes mid-hill, rolls head over heels three times and yells, "Dad, you turned me into a snowball!"

I drove Cory to the top so he could snowboard down.  I almost ran into that patch of trees at the top.

The kids made snow angels and found "ice dinosaur bones."  After several runs, we made our way back to the cabin for warm pasta and bread.


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