Tuesday, April 21, 2009

80 Years!

Last night, we gathered together to celebrate Grandpa Hal's (Cory's Dad) 80th birthday.  The Memmott family met at Little America for dinner and cake.  Grant was a little hesitant to return to Little America.  Apparently when we had brunch there last December, Grant scooped a large serving of eggs on his plate which, in turn, prompted some little know-it-all girl to call him "Chicken Boy."  I assured him it wouldn't happen again and taught him a few comebacks to use next time (because that is the responsible mother-thing to do, right?).  
We ordered Hal an electric blanket, which apparently you can't buy in a store in Spring (don't people still get cold in the Spring?).

This past year has been a real marathon year for Hal and we are definitely looking forward to a much quieter, less stressful 81st year.  

Happy Birthday!


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