Sunday, March 15, 2009


I called my parents tonight and invited them over for dinner.  After dinner, we sat at the table frosting cupcakes and laughing about Ella's (now deceased) imaginary boyfriend.

A couple of years ago, Ella told me she had a boyfriend named Dannon (yes, like the yogurt).  I asked her what color his hair was (yellow), was he tall or short (tall), was he skinny or fat (duh, mom - skinny).  Then I asked, is he her age.  She told me no - he is a little older.  When I asked how old, I was told 42.  YIKES!

Dannon was a part of her life for a while until one day she told me she had bad news.  It looked like Dannon had gotten a job transfer to Sun Valley.  She told me he put on his "flower shirt" he wears to Sun Valley and said "I guess I won't be seein' ya cause I got a lot of work to do."

She didn't talk about Dannon after that until . . . one week her room was a mess everyday.  I finally told her I was tired of her messing up her room.  She told me it was not her, it was Dannon.  His job was over and he was back and now had a lot of free time so he kept messing up her room.  So, I sat her down and told her that boyfriends are not allowed in our rooms and that Dannon could only visit her in the family room.  That put an end to the messy room.

One day, out of the blue, she announced that Dannon was dead.  Yes, dead.  He was in a car accident and he was dead.  Days later, I asked her if she had talked to Dannon.  She reminded me of the car accident.  I told her that I thought maybe he had come back like he did from Sun Valley.  She said, "No mom, people don't come back from dead."

She has had no imaginary friends since then.  I have to admit, I kind of miss the drama.


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