Saturday, March 7, 2009

We are off!

Today is the day - we are leaving for Disneyland.  The kids can barely contain their excitement.  Mimi is coming as well as Uncle Brian, Aunt Erin and cousins Jack and Sam.

Our bags are packed.

Yesterday I bought Heeleys for Ella which will help her "grow" that last inch so she can ride Indiana Jones.  This is the greatest trick in the books and I am sure the Disney height police are fully aware, yet it still works.

Cory and the boys left first thing thing this morning to help Grandpa Hal remove the BIG Christmas star still hanging over his garage.  Ella and I are packing the last few necessities, but only after we ate the cake she made for breakfast.

But before I go, I am leaving one great quote from Grant.  He was discussing his ongoing obsession with becoming a zookeeper "when he is big" with my mom (Mimi). He was describing all his plans for "Utah's Hogle Zoo" when he suddenly started to cry.  When Mimi asked him what was wrong he said, "I'm just sad because you will never see my zoo."  Mimi said, "Why wouldn't I come to see your zoo."  Grant, through tears, replied, "Because you will be dead."

Can't argue with that logic.


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