Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Lesson

My dear children - here is a lesson on a word you are using incorrectly . . .

ACCIDENT:  any event that happens unexpectedly, without deliberate plan or cause.

Ella - when you used marker to draw flowers all over your white shirt, that is no accident.  Simply saying, "Mom, it was just an accident" doesn't make it so.

Grant - Hiding your homework anywhere and everywhere in the hopes that I will forget about it is not an accident.  Please don't say, "I'm not sure how that ended up in the freezer.  It must have been an accident."

Zach - When your sister ACCIDENTLY bumps into you and causes you to trip, it is no longer an accident when you turn around and TRY to trip her.  I'm not going to believe, "We both accidently knocked each other over."

Does this clear things up?
Love you!