Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sugar Overload

Whenever Cory goes out of town, I seem to get the desire to make cookies.  I'm not sure why that is.  Maybe it is because I feel the need to occupy the kids who are constantly asking, "When is Daddy coming home, when is Daddy coming home?"  We pulled out all sorts of cookie cutters including the new "animal cracker" cookie cutters I just bought from Williams and Sonoma.  Have you seen these?  They are so little.  I am always drawn to things that are smaller than usual so when I saw these, I knew I had to have them.  We rolled dough, we cut, we ate raw cookies and cooked ones.  We frosted.  Some we gave away, most we ate.  After our bellies were full of sugar, we made grilled cheese sandwiches for dessert.