Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lazy Cabin Days

Last Wednesday, my kids were going stir crazy.  They are off-track but all of their friends are still in school which means I was left to entertain them.  Since plopping them in front of the tv for the next two weeks was not an option, I decided to pack them up and head to the cabin.   

My parents, Brian and Erin (along with Jack and Sam), Danny and Cassie, and little Carman (to keep Ella company) went along as well. We ate tons of good food, watched movies (Ghost Town), played card games (Cory and I each lost), and let the kids roam in their pajamas all day long.

I always wonder if my kids know how lucky they are to have a place like this . . . a place where we can, at any given moment, drop everything and escape into nature.  We snowmobile and sled/snowboard in the winter, we ride atvs, bike and hike in the summer.  We love to go in search of deer and moose.  If allowed, I would live there forever.


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